The Crick Family founded Manna Ministries in 2013 in Surrey in the UK, they now live and Reside in the West Midlands and attend a thriving and amazing Church, but travel to Surrey to teach and train the Southern Theatre company! 


 As a family, they work full time for the Ministry, often wearing multiple hats and undertaking many tasks that create the Ministry. Gary and Jaime have home educated four beautiful Children, two of which are now are also Bible College Students with Charis Bible College. Between them all, as a family, they create and produce all areas of the ministry and are supported by wonderful volunteers in various ways within the ministry, working in Front of house at the Musical performances, and helping to manage the finance department. Manna is a registered charity and has a board of Trustees.  



My wife and I are full-time Christian workers with stewardship: we have dedicated our lives to the call. As a family, we live by faith for all our needs and rely on partners to support us in our family living for our income.   


Having started in Eastbourne, just after we were married in 1997 the Lord moved us to Hertfordshire where we spent two years training children and young people weekly. Putting on performance in YWAM facilities. 


Having run a creative literacy business with my wife in primary education prior to Manna, we love doing similar things and activities together for the Lord.  

In the last 8 years, Manna has developed into a Family founded and run the ministry. We are a family of six, and one way or another all our children are involved in the Ministry with us now. Our Grownup Son oversees all the Media, and Graphic design across the ministry, our daughter helps with Choreography and teaching of the musical theatre numbers. 


Our middle son writes and creates all the songs with my wife Jaime for the musicals and our youngest gives us the inspiration to be a child in faith and heart. 


We are honoured to see what God has done over the last 8 years and as a family we now principal and train young people and adults in two counties in the UK. 


I love watching old movies, curry, walking, my kids, my wife, and our dog! Not in that order!!! We are honoured to be full-time Christian workers through the charity stewardship. This is an exciting journey and God has done so many miracles for us as a family!  


Jai and I oversee the whole ministry and are often wearing all kinds of hats from props team to the painter to admin to lesson planning, and that is between being a daddy and husband and son of my father God! Ministry is the best and my wife and I and children love what we do and say, “Bring it on Jesus we want more”. 



Manna ministries were born in our heart nearly 17 years ago now when we pioneered a Performing Arts ministry in East Sussex that held musical theatre productions and involved children from a wide range of denominations and churches. Having to lay my shoes down 10 years ago as I was bedridden with a serious illness. It was during this time, the Lord gave me the desire for Manna, a Christian theatre company that was accessible to all regardless of financial status and would allow the word to speak in our communities in the Market place. 


 I have spent much time longing to teach again and to see all restored. Starting with one academy and now the Lord has expanded to two in two counties. It is a walk of faith for me, as I trust for my Complete healing and take each day at a time.  


I write the musicals - I give all credit to the Lord He always gives me inspiration and ideas. He is my Musical director and my best friend. As artistic director, I oversee and write all our lesson content across our Theatre Companies.  I am the mum of four wonderful children! They are my inspiration and best friends. We work as a real team, team Crick! We could not do this without the love and support of our children, they are both courageous in their own fights for health and their joy of laughter that rings in our home with the humour of them all and music they all play and sing. 


Our house is never quiet. There is always someone playing, singing composing, preaching, and dancing somewhere... It is sometimes needed to throw my apron over my head and pray in the little still spot I get each day. Would I change it? Never – my family and my manna family are the greatest and I love each one with all my heart. May God use us, as He wills, send us where he wants and open hearts and heal lives through the children we train and the team he brings! I Echo my husband ‘Bring it on Jesus, here we have sent us”. 

We have a huge excitement for all the Lord wants to do in Manna! 


I have trained in the performing arts since I was very small both at school and college, having both vocational and Ministry experience in dance, ballet, modern, musical theatre, and singing. I went on to be involved in local musical theatre in my area and took on principal roles in many musicals. Working in churches both training and performing in the community and street evangelism I developed such a desire and love to see children and young people develop in the art forms, but with the character of Christ shining through in all they do. 


Your monthly support means a lot to our family, it really boosts us to know people are behind what we do as a family.  As a partner you will receive a monthly newsletter from our family sharing what we have been up to. 


No gift is too big or too small, every gift is appreciated hugely and help our family is great ways.


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