'Legacies' is a beautiful story based around a group of evacuees who are sent to Wales during the Second World War. There they are sent to new homes and family’s and our young Emily and William are sent to live with the dreamless and cold Lady Billington. 

Not everything is grey though as they meet and befriend several townsfolk, including the former writer and bookstore owner Mrs Brown. 

Once Emily and her fellow evacuees discover that Mrs Brown still owns the bookstore, they are eager for her to read to them as they haven’t heard a story since their parents left for war. 

But Mrs Brown has her own past and hurt going back to her own son in the first war. 

When an accident causes Emily to lose what’s most important to her-her sight-she refuses to believe in hope and use her imagination any longer. Thinking that now she can’t see, she has no vision. Writing and playing the piano is her everything and suddenly in one moment, they’re taken from her. 

With Lady Billington breathing down her neck to just take her lot in life and get on with it and with William, Mrs Brown and the Evacuees trying to rally her hopes and dreams again through the story of Nehemiah. 

Will Emily and the others be able to bring the war-torn town back together and rebuild the broken down places?



Manna works with the National Youth Association to ensure safe opening and wisdom for this upcoming performance. 

A small area of socially distanced seats is available - please email us at if you would like to be seated in this area and we will let the Front of the house know. 

Hand Sanitisers are located around the building and airflow will be maintained into the auditorium and foyer prior to the performance and during intervals. Masks are not mandatory but you are welcome to wear them in the building. 

Refreshments will be served in the interval.

NHS Track and Trace is available to scan in the venue.

PLEASE do not attend the performance if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 Thank you


Tickets are by a donation per ticket, please donate whatever is on your heart. Please note that tickets must be purchased one at a time to help us with seating plans to keep everyone safe and in accordance with guidelines. To book as a family group please book each ticket with the same surname, we will then make sure you are seated safely together. 


August 18th 14:00 & 19:00



August 23rd 14:00 & 19:00