Why Manna?

Social change starts with injustice or a need.  


Oskar Schindler helped save Jewish people from concentration camps during the Holocaust by employing them at his factory. Rosa Parks decided not to sit in the back of a bus during the times of segregation. Nelson Mandela was jailed 27 years working to end apartheid in his native South Africa.  Each of these people saw a problem and did something about it.  


You are reading this website because someone saw a need and had to act.  


Jaime Crick, co-founder of Manna Ministries was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and POTs Autonomic dysfunction, spondylitis and scoliosis, gastric dysmotility, and many other diagnoses in 2009.


The disease forced this young married couple onto income support as Jaime became housebound and Gary her carer for 2 years going on to lose their home to repossession. 


 Having by then 3 beautiful children who were asked to attend many clubs and societies, but without the monies to do so, she became so aware of the need for arts, she was trained in and so passionate about to be accessed by all, regardless of affordability.


   She felt God was calling her and Gary to make a difference. 


It was from her bed that Manna was born, as she fought back against the disease that had stolen performing from her the dream was birthed. 


 Now there are donation-based performing arts academies in three different counties in the UK and a missions bus going into schools with an anti-bullying project. 


With a desire to see these academies in every community, to reach out to others with the Faith that has held her through this all through their theatre companies. To see an anti-bullying workshops in schools through the arts that have stemmed from four years of severe bullying in senior school. Jaime and Gary’s vision is living on. 


The rest of the story is yet to be written.


Could you be part of this social change? 


Do you know someone that would like to attend?


We need your help financially, physically and through prayer. 


This is the heartbeat behind manna could you be the hands that help put wheels to this vision?

This is her story.....

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