What is Pause

Pause makes grants to individuals in the form of a family day out, for families who are dealing with Autonomic and connective tissue diseases in their immediate families. At the present time, all days out will be within the South East of England area, you may apply from any area but will need to consider the travel time in terms of physical strength and cost. Whether you are a carer or an individual going through Autonomic or Connective tissue disorders there always comes a time when it just gets too much and you want to put the world on PAUSE!


We know exactly how you feel, we are empathetic to your situation please read our story on the website to see how we have been effected by these diseases and we have been helped in the past by charities who have a similar heart to ours, and that is to give us an opportunity to Pause in the midst of the circumstances surrounding our lives.

The grant is for the individual and their carer, and or their family subject to our discretion, it covers entrance for a day out. We can’t supply travelling or food expenses.

How to Apply

Please send us an email of no more than an A4 sized page telling us about your family and how you have been affected by the above conditions. Also, include an email or address for a Medical contact that we can follow for verification. Please email your grant application to

What Happens After I Apply?

Our trustees meet four times a year, and each application will be considered at that time.

Sadly, due to limited funds and the size of the charity at this time, we will not be able to meet all the applications although it is very much our heart to do so.

We will acknowledge your application by email and let you know the next date the trustees will meet. You will be informed within two weeks of that meeting if you have been successful.

We are at this time looking for attractions in the South East of England we can work with to find suitable days out.


Thank you for your application and or for your donation to PAUSE.

Please click yes under "Are you donating to a specific Campaign or Appeal?" and then select "Pause".

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