Relentless was due to be performed this December as a live musical, but due to Covid-19 restrictions we had to cancel the performance. However all was not lost, we came together as a cast and created an Audio Drama version of the musical  for Premier Christian Radio and a Video version also! 

Everyone recorded their vocal and videos remotely in their own homes and enlisted the help of their bubbles and family to become their production crews! We are so proud of our cast for all their hard work to make this happen. 

We would also like to thank our in house editing team who have spent hours right into the late afternoon of Christmas Eve to complete this project!

The Videos

We had three wonderful casts due to perform this Christmas, so we have three video versions available for you to view. If this had been performed Manna would have been supported by ticket sales, due to the fact we haven't been able to perform this year we have missed this opportunity to raise funds for our charity.

Each cast member recorded their videos at home using their phones or cameras and enlisted the help of their bubbles and family to be become their production teams!


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Surrey - Team Shine

Surrey - Team Encourage

Midlands & Eruope

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The Audio Drama 

The Relentless audio drama was created by people in their own homes from across the country! They made mattress forts to create a make shift studio environment. This project is also being aired on Premier Radio on December 25th  at 11am! We are so privileged to have our work on the radio!





The Relentless Musical had many songs and dances in it, all of which we have re created in music videos for your to enjoy!

The Battle Belongs - Dance Video 

Emmanuel Song

Relentless - The Music Video

Elizabeths Song 

You can stream and download the songs from relentless iTunes, Amazon and Spotify!

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