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Who are The Remnant

The Remnant is a missions team made up of youth and adults from our theatre company who are passionate about spreading The Gospel to people everywhere. We reach out through the use of dance and drama, the performing arts have a powerful way of captivating peoples attention and providing a gateway to share The Gospel to those who need to hear it. We have performed at events like Rig vNation, 'Thy Kingdom Come' & 'Healing Guildford'. If you would like The Remnant to attend your event please fill in the form below. 

What people think....

“Thank you so much for coming yesterday evening. It was lovely to get to meet you and the family.  Jaime, thank you for your sharing your powerful story with us, it was deeply inspiring and I have no doubt that it will have impacted the girls as it has me.”


- Rev McNair Scott, St. Catherines School

"The Missions Team were amazing, what a powerful dance you performed on the street!

— Anonymous  

"Thank you so very much. Your presence was so important as many people sat and enjoyed the sunshine!"

— Sarah 'Thy Kingdom Come' Guildford.

"Performance by that boy at Guildford Cathedral yesterday. The best version I have ever heard. I could see also the audience enjoyed it".

- Delegate

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